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Fyndout Free Pregnancy Center

 FYNDout Free Pregnancy Center is honored to serve women, men and families in the Tanana Valley through their reproductive story. We exist to empower your next decision and support your whole journey. This holistic approach to pregnancy and parenting equips us to be in it with you for the long haul.  Our team is committed to quality health care, relevant and up-to-date sexual education, and client-centered wellness. As a non-profit, we are proud to offer all of our services completely free. Yeah that’s right, we said FREE! We are a faith-based organization. What this means is that we look to Jesus for how to approach others. He loved ALL regardless of where they were at in life. Our role is to listen to your desires while supporting your greatest needs. Meaning you’re in charge. This is your story and we hope you’ll include us in it!

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