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to Mongolia

Mickey & Trina Cofer

Mickey and Trina Cofer are missionaries to Mongolian.  They and their four children began their call to Mongolia in late 1999. The Cofer family now resides in Hatgal, Mongolia where they serve among the village people. The Cofers are artists who have a passion for art, helping others and serving God in whatever capacity directed. They’ve lived in this region since 2007. They are currently working hard in sub-zero weather much of the time on a run-down factory. This is a large project. They push on, with one small room completed to work metal, and one for pottery work. Five men work in a plastic room created around them to keep warm from the elements so they can continue through the winter. The vision is large and so many have given towards creating a multi-service building for athletic activities, art classes, and housing. Last summer they held their first youth camp at the partially renovated facility.  In Mickey’s own words, “we have a fourfold Biblical strategy by which we are seeking to reach this nation for Christ. The four cornerstones in the foundation of the work are Church Planting, Leadership Training, Gospel Printing and doing Good Works that glorify God and help establish cross-cultural bridges to advance His Kingdom in the uttermost part of the earth.”

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