Mission Air Care

Mission Air Care is a purposeful fundamental, “baptistic”, missionary cooperative designed to plant, and service other fundamental church planters. Our full-service ministry was created to assist church planters as they strive to fulfill “The Great Commission” and meet the spiritual needs of families who live in remote areas.



       9:45 am - Sunday school for all ages

     11:00 am - Worship Service

       6:00 pm - Evening Fellowship Service


     6:30 pm - CIA Children's program

     6:45 pm - Adult Bible study

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Physical Address

2244 Peridot St.

North Pole, Alaska 99705

Tel:  (907) 488-1777

email: pastor@northpole.church

Mailing Address

The Church at North Pole

P.O. Box 55063

North Pole, Alaska 99705